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About us

about us

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About us

The CAMUNA STAMPI s.r.l. was founded in 2000 by people with twenty years experience. It consists of 15 employees, each with well-defined task, but with great cooperation between the group.The high quality of our products is ensured by a constant in the execution phase, from design to assembly.

Our stron points

Our strengths are the expertise in executing the geometry of parts very difficult, in the meantime trying to automate as much as possible the production cycle where it is allowed. Preferred are those molds for rubber molding.

How we work

Design, production, industrialization mold size max. 2000x1200 .
The company is also able to perform the test print.
Working at the request of the customer to wire size max. 1000x600.

Materials worked

Steel of all types and various materials

Sectors we work with

Electronics, electrical, food, automotive, medical and mechanical components in general.


The workshop is divided into several areas including a department, 8 are CNC machining centers including a 5-axis and the other 2 are manual.
The EDM department is equipped with two machines plunge with automatic electrode and computer programming, a manual and an erosion wire for cutting punches and dies.
It also has an automatic lathe and a manual, 2 drills a column, a horizontal grinder and a hacksaw automatic.
The department adjustment assembly and polishing allows the delivery of molds for immediate operation without the need for further action.
Here is some of the machines.